International shipping timeframe

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I am planning to start a new dropshipping store very soon. But I have some concerns about the timeframe of the Epacket shipping from multiple suppliers in china to worldwide customers.

For example, I have seen many dropshipping stores who set their international shipping timeframe from 5 to 30 days maximum. I am wondering how they are putting this range of shipping and their product is 15$ approx. when I go to a product in Aliexpress and chose for example ship to USA some suppliers shows that it takes 15 days and that's very good and some of them 25 days also via Epacket. Also when I try to put ship to another country such as Turkey, Senegal, Sweden etc.. each country vary and sometimes through Epacket it says 52 days! And ofcourse I cannot put DHL since they ask for a very high price.


I would be very happy if you help me with this.