Is Anyone using ShipBob for Fulfillment?

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I would like to hear feedback on using ShipBob.  Pros and cons.

It would be good to know your thoughts on ShipBob's service, even if it is not integrated into your Shopify store.   However, for those who are using ShipBob in a mode that is integrated with Shopify, I would definitely like to know how well that is working for you.

I am looking at 3rd party fulfillment centers to provide those services for my soon to be business.  Due to my low starting volume, ShipBob seems to be one of the few that can do the job for me.

There is no Shopify app for integration with ShipBob.  However, ShipBob has developed and API that they claim will do the job.

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I'd like to know this too as I'm considering a move to them.

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I work for OTW Shipping, so disclaimer there. However, pick literally anyone over Shipbob. Shipbob reels you in with free pick and pack and then severely overcharges you for shipping. We wrote a blog that outlines Shipbob vs a normal 3PL's costs for reference.