Is Hosted Payment SDK access restricted to (original) Payment Providers only?

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A relevant number of my clients would like to use PayPal PLUS in their shopify shops. The topic seems to be as old as PayPal PLUS itself. There should be no technical problem to create a payment gateway using shopify's hosted Payment SDK and Paypal REST API's. I have done almost 100 integrations in different shop systems and custom built cart systems, so I think I know how to do that.


The form, which is provided to ask for Access to the SDK however now explicitly states it is open for Payment providers only ...


Is there still a way (or in other words: does it make any sense to try that form) for just (payment-)app designers, who would like to do an integration with an existing Payment Provider (which they, obviously, are not themselves ...)?


I have a really relevant number of inquiries for that integration, some of which will make decision for or against shopify dependent on if there will be a possibility to use PayPal PLUS ...


Would be happy for any piece of advice.