Is it fraud? Unsure of what to do next.

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This weekend we received our first fraud alert for a $190 purchase (our 4th sale so far, and also our largest). Our biggest concern is that it appears the credit card used is registered to someone with a different name and a U.S. address (the IP address, and shipping and billing address are all in Indonesia). We saw this by clicking the arrow next to the payment section under the order's timeline.


We contacted the customer. We asked her for the name and address for shipping and billing, as well as the name registered to the credit card and a picture showing the last four digits. She was quick to answer all of our questions, and the name and addresses for shipping and billing matched the ones she provided during checkout.


We are confused however, as the picture of the card she sent not only matches the last four numbers of the card used, but also appears to be registered under her name. It was also a Visa Debit, which matches what it says under the "payment method details" section on Shopify. Assuming she is telling the truth, is there any reason why the credit card would say it's registered to someone else on Shopify?


Here are screenshots of the fraud indicators we received, as well as the sections under the "payment method details" that show where we saw the other registered name and ties to the U.S.


Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 11.47.57 AM.png


Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 12.15.51 PM (1).jpg


Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 12.16.41 PM.jpg


Has anyone else experienced something similar to this? How did you decided to proceed? The customer herself has been very personable and quick to answer all our questions. We googled the address and it appears to be an apartment complex/some type of housing. We also googled her email address and nothing came up in terms of it being used for fraud in the past. All her information matches everything she entered on Shopify, except the name on the credit card and the U.S. as the country.