Is there a place for private notes about each product?

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I need to know if there is a private notes section on a product page for my eyes only. 

Many of my products have multiple SKU's, UPC's, etc and rather than spending a lifetime reorganizing the Excel sheet from each supplier, it would save me time to simply mark these multiple numbers and codes on a private notes section that will appear (for my eyes only) when a customer places an order for the particular product(s). 

Make sense? 

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Hi Nathan,

There is no place in the Shopify admin to store this type of information. You could place this information in a product metafield. In order to view and manage that from the admin UI you could use a Chrome extension called ShopifyFD:

If you need to update these metafields in mass through an import  I recommend using the Metafields2 app:

If you need something more extensive than that a custom Shopify app might be required. 



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Wouldn't it be great if we could do this nowadays? I was on a cheaper less known plan and They had this but really missing this fonction...