Is there a way of automatically splitting up orders based on fulfillment service?

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So long story short, we provide products to customers via 4 different fulfillment services (in house, drop shipping, and 2 other suppliers). Right now we use Advanced shipping rules app which allows us to differentiate each fulfillment service to give off different shipping rates, however, we must manually split up each order based on which product goes to which. I'm wondering if there is a way to automatically split up a shopify order the moment it comes in based on the products ordered and the fulfillment service provided.

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When you say "we must manually split up each order based on which product goes to which", are you creating a new Shopify order and cancelling the line items from the original order? 


Or, as another solution, do you just need to "fulfill" or notify the suppliers for each line item? Or have an email sent to each supplier?


If you set the products to different fulfillment services, each line item could be fulfilled according to which supplier. (I have an app that does something like this, autofulfills orders based on conditions like fulfillment service or product)

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Hi @danjbarton,


Nick here from Shopify. 


I'm thinking this can be done, but perhaps not automatically. You can split up an order to add individual tracking numbers and shipping carriers based on where the different products are coming from. 


You can do this by taking the following steps: Main admin > Orders > Order in question


When you get to the order, you can split the order up by clicking fulfill items and changing the quantity of each order to zero but leaving a quantity for the order you want. I made a screenshot to break it down a little and show you what I mean. 




I believe this is the best way to split up an order. Unfortunately it's not automatic, but hopefully, it's what you're looking for. Do you think this could help with what you're looking to do? 


All the best, Nick

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