Is there a way to automatically limit the amount of orders received in one day?

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Due to COVID-19 lockdown, we are experiencing an unprecedented amount of orders and it has been very difficult to keep up. At the moment to manage this dilemma we're having to 'suspend online shopping' by removing a products from the 'online sales channel' and then re-importing the data. It typically takes about 1-2 hrs for this to fully process on the front end.


We're quite aware that this will erode customer trust and what they can expect to rely on, and are desperate for solutions. Our customers need to have access to other parts of our website to remain informed at all times. Enabling a password is not a practical solution or limiting the number of orders a customer can place.


Ideally, we would like to have an option where once we reach the limit of orders we can handle in a single day the site automatically prevents customers from placing any more orders.

A pop-up saying 'Hi there, we've reached our limit of online ordering fulfillment capacity for the day. Online shopping will resume at 8 AM tomorrow morning' ...or something similar.


Has anyone else run into this issue? All feedback here is welcomed.




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You could use an app like Now Back In Stock that replaces the add to cart with an email form if stock hits zero, essentially creating a waiting list.


Then on your admin side you can set inventory to zero for products you want to stop orders from, then set them back when you're ready for biz (you can can use export / import spreadsheet to do it in bulk and save the inventory levels).


Then set a site-wide banner that explains the situation, and that people can enter their email address on the product page to get notified when it's available.


When your inventory becomes available again, that app will automatically email everyone on the list with a link to the product they saved.

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