Is there any way to bind Cash on Delivery shipping method to Cash on delivery payment method?

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we are operating in Greece, where Cash on Delivery is still quite popular.

We have 4 shipping methods:

  • Standard shipping 3€
  • Standard shipping free over x€ order value (no fe
  • Cash on delivery 4,50€ (3€ shipping plus 1,50€ Cash on Delivery fee)
  • Cash on delivery over 1,50€ (free shipping, but 1,50€ Cash on Delivery fee)

It's normal procedure that the customers pay the 1,50€ Cash on Delivery fee.

They should choose

Shipping Cash on delivery 4,50€ and then in the next step Cash on Delivery payment.

But as I can't bind these two options, they often chose:

Standard Shipping 3€ and then Cash  on Delivery payment 0€ (as payment options don't have a chargeable fee).

So either we have to contact the customer or take the 1,50€ on us.

Is there any way to bind one shipping method to one payment method without having an app for this?

We are working with Debut Theme.

Thanks so much for your help!