Issue with UPS account, can't print labels

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This is what i did, look at some of your tracking numbers and the 6 digits after 1Z are your account number. Call ups and I’ll have to see if I still have the number but you have to talk to the department that handles accounts. I told them what was going on and they said Shopify closed my account for inactivity which is ridiculous. I think it might be a glitch. It took either a day or day and half for them to get it turned back on. As far as I know Shopify did nothing to help. I still haven’t received a reply from the help ticket that was created last Friday. Try going through UPS and see if they can help you!
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Thank you - mine isn't fixed yet and the manual entries and amount of money that I am paying over what the customer paid is killing us.

Appreciate your feedback - on this first thing Monday!

Thank you and happy new year - Laurie

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We just resolved this issue by looking at our previous UPS tracking number to gleam into our account number in question (with Shopify)

See the six alpha/digit number in the tracking number (see below) and call UPS and resolve any outstanding balance and viola! 


Hope this helps!
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For anyone reading this thread and wants to avoid the nightmare Shopify caused me - if you get this error:


There is a problem with your UPS account, please contact shipping-ups@shopify


All you do is find an old label and the first 6 (six) digits after the 1Z is your account number - 1Zxxxxxx09873 - call UPS and give them your account number and they will most likely tell you there is a small outstanding balance (mine was $30) - you pay them with a credit card and they turn it back on immediately! Shopify couldn't figure this out at all - 5 days of responses telling me to wait................grrrrr...... I hope this can help someone not have to deal with what I did!