Issues shipping from Multi Location

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I'm hoping someone can help me. We are an online store in the US shipping from one location in the US. We want to start shipping within Europe with a 2nd European warehouse location.  


After setting up these two locations (one in US, and one in DE) and assigning inventory to both of these specific warehouses (no overlap), all orders are being pulled by both warehouses. Both warehouses are pulling "open orders" and not just the orders specific to their warehouse. 

Is there a way that the Shopify API identifies location ID and if so, which variable? How do we set it up so that each warehouse only pulls the orders meant for them?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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If inventory is split over 2 locations it will assign an order in the order of the fulfillment priority (Settings > Locations). In the GraphQL API an order will have fulfillmentOrders which will have the assigned location and the locations that you can move the fulfillment order to. To change the assigned location you do a fulfillmentOrderMove mutation with a location id from order.fulfillmentOrders.locationsForMove. There is more information on fulfillment orders here.