Issues with addresses recognition for Local delivery

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I'm having problems with Local delivery as the addresses aren't recognised sometimes.

I want to offer free delivery within 5km radius around my shop, but depending on how the customer fills in the address Shopify offers local delivery or not. I'm based in Lithuania, Vilnius - Dūmų g. 5.

For e.g. if customer write Šilingo/Silingo 141, Vilnius - local delivery is offered, but if customer writes S. Šilingo/ S. Silingo/ S. Silingo g./ S. Šilingo 141, Vilnius - local delivery is not an option.

Is there anything I can do to avoid this? Any app? Maybe dropdown address is an option as the customer would start filling in the address?


P.S. I know I can fill in the postal codes, but in this option I have to check each address for postal code as there is no available map with postal code zones, but working on this option also.