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Hi Shopify & everyone else. 

I develop a shopify store for my friends, and we really want to offer the customers to pay with Klarna, as every swedish shops do today. 
I did my research & have read that you are going to support it, actually I read in a thread in this forum you would started in December 2013 ?
So what are the status for support klarna? 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Aron!


We are still working towards having an integration with Klarna. As you can no doubt guess, establishing integrations do take quite some time, and while we're aware of demand for Klarna, we are still vetting our code to provide this integration.

I'm certain once that integration is available my colleague Louis will communicate this to shop owners.


Let me know what you think!

Matthew Buttler
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Hi it has been a while is this no longer on the agenda? and if so when do you expect this to happen, is it posible to build an app to do this?

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Dear Aron,

I believe that the best way to connect Klarna to Shopify is Checkify app - alternative checkout page that supports various payment gateways.

Check it here: https://checkify.pro/