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Hello folks!

I read the other Klarna posts, but they are about account activation. Our problem is about one specific payment.

We receiver an order yesterday, but still today the payment is pending. I don't seem to find a button to capture the payment and there is also no incoming payment on my bank account.

Wish I could attach a screen shot here. The order is under "payments to capture" and in the payment it shows "paid by customer : 0,00". On the other hand shopify has already sent an order confirmation email to the customer.

On the timeline it shows that the payment is pending on "Sofort" which belongs to Klarna.

The order was placed 15 hours ago.

Could you please help to find out how to capture this payment?

Thanks a lot

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Hi @Sebastian85 ,

Please contact Klarna merchant support (available for your region from https://www.klarna.com) to get direct support regarding how to capture a specific order.  Sofort has different types of integrations for Shopify so it is difficult to advise best next steps without further information.  If you are using the Klarna Payments integration for Sofort, please see: https://x.klarnacdn.net/plugins/Klarna%20Payments%20on%20Shopify%20-%20Merchant%20Guide.pdf