Limit COD payment option to 1 country

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Our shop ships worldwide, however, we only allow COD payments for Kuwait only (store location). Have I overlooked an app or a setting to limit COD to only appear for the country of Kuwait?

We have setup "COD - Kuwait only" in payment options, but some customers in other countries are still selecting this option.

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Hi, Julie!

I’m Melissa, a Shopify Guru. Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately, there wouldn't be a way to only have a certain payment method for a single country, the payment method you have connected would be displayed for all customers.

It is possible to restrict delivery options to a certain location by either setting the shipping option to a specific country/state, but that would only show in the shipping section.

The best way to try curb customers from choosing this option would be to have notes displayed where possible to let them know of this. A way to do this is in the additional details of the COD settings, > you could put something like this: Note - This payment method is for customers based in UAE only, please pay by credit card if you are purchasing from another country or shipping charges will have to be applied to your order later. See the screenshot here.

Hope this information helps! You can reach out to the Guru team  if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Melissa | Shopify Guru



For anyone else going down this route: the answer given above is not strictly true but will apply to most merchants.

If you have Shopify Plus (enterprise Shopify) it would be possible to achieve this - we've recently done it for a client.

In short - if you have Plus then you can do the following:

- Set all payment methods to show within admin

- Query a geolocation API on the checkout.liquid file.   (Better to used a paid API for this as the free ones are a bit unreliable.)

- Hide specific payment methods based on location - using a bit of javascript. 

If you need help contact our Shopify Plus developers.

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Is there a possibility to limit the COD to certain collections also? We have stock and we are using also dropshipping, we can't offer COD for dropshipping products and the message box is not enough , to many thinks need to be written there.

This really is a must have option.

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This is a very needed function for our Fad Store too. If anyone has a solution for a standard Shopify account - please share it.

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Has anyone solved this? We are facing the same issue and would like to enable COD for specific countries only but we are not able to?

There's no solution.

As per my previous comment - you can only do this with Shopify Plus.

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restricting COD option for domestic country is my goal too.

And the suggested solution from Liquify is not working in a case of gifts sent abroad ATC, the API is just not enough.

Shopify should change it. 



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We've been asking for this feature since 2015!! Can you guys please make it work. It shouldn't be a big deal to just make the COD option invisible when certain countries are selected. Thank you

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Can you please make this work.

I think that this would help a lot of people.