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Hey all, I am a developer working with a client using Shopify Plus. Right now we are looking to limit the amount of gift cards used at checkout, to only 3 per transaction. Not up for much discussion on that, that is just how it has to be. 

I have done whatever google searches I can to help me out along with reading all the related documentation I can find. Has anyone had success with limited the amount of gift cards a user can use during payment?

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Hi there!

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Thanks for taking the time to post your query here on our merchant forums.

This might be possible on Shopify Plus by using a specific script to control the number of gift cards used here.

You could have your client contact their MSM to work with our Plus team on creating and implementing a script to put this in place.

If you'd like, you or your client can email into from an email address on the Plus account so we can look into this for you.

If you pop the ticket number for your contact into a reply here I could even grab it from the queue for you and have this investigated and escalated as appropriate. :)

Best of luck with everything here! 


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I realise you've said that the limit is not up for much discussion, but limiting gift card usage could have some serious legal implications. Stopping a customer from using a gift card could be very well be illegal in your region. You will want to be very sure that you're not putting your client at risk.

Since this is a Plus merchant you will have access to checkout.liquid. The checkout object has properties like this:

So assuming you made the customer enter the gift cards in an early step you could use the data in that to effectively stop the checkout from being able to proceed if 3 cards have been applied.

You'd also want to run some JavaScript that tracks how many cards are applied since the card applying process is done with AJAX. This will help add a safety net and give you a chance to show a pretty message.

I would not however recommend this idea at all. I can't stress that enough. If someone has a valid gift card, let them use it. As noted above, this merchant will have a merchant success manager assigned on Shopify side - they should talk to them about this strategy.

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Hi @Jason 

I agree with your thought to allow customers to use valid gift cards as possible as they can use.

We are currently able to enter only one gift card at a time. After entering a gift card, the entry field goes away.

Is there any way to enable customers to enter multiple gift cards in the Shopify Checkout page?


Thank you.