Limited account Paypal

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Hey , 


I just opened my shopify store , linked a personal paypal account to it and made it a business account.

Now paypal limited my access to my account and asking for tax forms , or business tax things , which all of them ofcourse i dont have.


How can i resolve this and have by account back open to use my shopify. 

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Hi there,

I've just had the same problem with Paypal business account. Briefly, all you need to do is to contact them (Paypal) directly. I've spent almost 3 months, heaps of letters, calls etc. The most useful and really helpful was my chat with PayPal team via Facebook page.
I have provided them Tax form W-8BEN-E to unblock my account. You can ask Paypal to send you all this information.
Just google how to fill this form for your country and bank account.