Limits that also apply to Apply Pay?

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Hello! I have limits setup on my cart (currently using limitsify), but there are other apps that all control store limits (that apply to the cart) that require customers to order a minimum of 2 of specific products in order to be able to check out. It works like a charm, however... it seems like there are no limit apps that can actually apply this limit to the Apple Pay option, because when a customer uses Apple Pay, they are effectively circumventing the cart and any limitations placed there (which is what all the limit-type apps I’ve seen do).

I’ve checked this several times; if I go to Apple Pay and then back to the home page, my cart remains at zero — so Shopify is definitely using a different workflow for the Apple Pay option which allows customers to circumvent limit apps that police the cart :(

So far, I haven’t found any app or any way to also apply the minimum 2 purchase on a specific product to Apple Pay orders, and I really am going to need that limit especially in the future when I open up shipping to out of state customers.... but I really don’t want to disable the Apple Pay feature either, because I could lose potential sales.

Are there any limit apps that also control Apple Pay purchases (not just the cart)? Or does Shopify have any way to control this, or configure Apple Pay to require using the cart so that purchases will fail if they attempt to place an order under the limit that’s applied at the cart level by a limit-enforcing app?