List of items to be shipped ?

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is there a possiblity to create a list of all items i have to ship.

For example i have 20 orders to fullfill. And the List telle me 3x Product A, 2x Product B, ....

Cause with this List i could go into my warehouse, grab all items i need and go back to my fullfillment place. This would be much easier.

Many Thanks


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Hi Laura,

This is John from Data Export.

Data Export can create this report. It can summarize all the products-to-be-fulfilled on any day. This report can be automated to be delivered to your email or Google Sheet.

Our support person can create this report. Report creation or customization is always free.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!!

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Hi Laura

One Stop Order Processing is a multichannel order processing software that allows you to easily print off a list of all of the items that you need to collect ready to pack your orders, you can also do many more things such as mark all of your orders from all of your marketplaces as shipped, manage your stock levels and much more. Check out this link to try it free for 21 days.