Live USPS Shipping Priority Mail Options Not Working Correctly

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Hi, trying to go live for 2 months. First a blog transfer and now fixed but cannot go live because USPS Live Shipping is completely incorrect for the user.

The only options showing are:


1.  Priority Mail 1-Day


2. Priority Mail express  1-day

We are in NYC and it will post a regular Priority Mail option for a local shipping address (presumably since that takes 1 day) but if I put in a California address it will ONLY give them the Priority Mail EXPRESS option, which is ridiculous.

I've spoken with USPS who says the issue is not on their end and Shopify says it is.  So I am stuck in a he-said, she-said with no resolution.

Shopify says the live shipping comes right from the USPS website but there is no way that can really be accurate because on the UPSPS website it doesn't have a Priority Mail "1-day" option, it's just Priority Mail (which is 1-3 generally) and then the Express option.

Anyone know what's going on with this?  I've been trying to go live for way too long.  Just one issue after the other and I have spent too much time on this now to drop it.

I should clarify - my site is live but I cannot redirect my url to point to it, until it works correctly.  In the meantime you still have to put in so you can go there, just not by using my direct url yet so my traffic still needs to go through my old site until this is resolved.

Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions.


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I am not sure why you are not getting options for normal standard Priority shipping to California. I quickly did a check and found all these services to be active from New York to Los Angeles.



Another alternative could be to go for an app like the Multi Carrier Shipping label app that supports all these services and fetches them using your own account.


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