Local Delivery In Countries With No Drop Down List Of Cities

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I have been trying to find a solution for the local delivery limitations for Lebanon which does not have a list of cities included in the shipping information form at checkout. 

I tried to work around by installing CCS and finding an App that does the rest but unfortunately Apps only read zip codes which is not applicable in Lebanon. Only cities/areas by name are understood.

I seeked Shopify Expert help but the answer is always can't change this code it's a Shopify limitation.

I am unable to start local delivery because I am unable to create different deivery fees for different cities or restrict cities where I don't reach. 

It appears very simple as coding since they alreayd have drop downs of states for few countries, but I don't know why doing the same for other countires hasn't been solved by Shopify yet. Anyone can upload a list of areas and have the privileges of checking/unchecking and area and setting the appropriate rate. 

Was anyone able to solve this in anyway?


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Hi There..

Pay 2500$ minimum for Shopify Plus and it will be available. 
No one can give you a solution because the only solution is pay for the entire Shopify Plus plan only to have this option available.

Good luck.