Local Delivery Only - No shipping or store pick-up

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Hi - My business does local delivery only. No store pick-up and no shipping. Just delivery.

I have already deactivated the shipping feature and input my zip codes for delivery areas. I have also un-clicked on each product that says "this is not a physical product".

How do I change the "Ship to" text at checkout so it says "Deliver to address"?

I am still having problems with the whole check-out process. Anybody else has a business that is delivery only?

The delivery fee does not show up at check out.

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Any success with this? 

Our store offers local delivery on live plants but shipping for plant supplies. I can’t find a way to only offer delivery on certain products and shipping for the others.

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If you remove all delivery zones for your store's location and enable in store pickup, then you should be able to acheive pickup only.