Local Online Business - Maximum Order per Delivery Day

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I've recently gone live with a local business and it's really kicked off! So pleased I went with Shopify! Now that I've proved the concept of the idea, I'd like to start making the website more mature to deal with the amount of orders I'm receiving.


At the moment, my key problem is managing a maximum amount of orders per delivery day. I'm a small local business and I can only make/furfill a certain number of orders per day (Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday). I can limit how many orders customers can place overall with the inventory management system, but if I'm sold out on Tuesday I still want customers to be able to place an order for Thursday. If I tell customers to wait to place an order in a few days time, I'm worried I'll lose business if they forget to place the order. E.g. if they want to buy product A, it is sold out for next Tuesday, but it is in-stock for Thursday.


I guess I'm looking for something like a dynamic inventory management system that adjusts depending on the customers selected delivery date. Are there any shopify features that helps me with this?


In addition, I'm only delivering locally at the moment. Is there any way to enforce this on checkout/delivery address?


More than happy to pay extra if this is a more advanced feature.