Local delivery rates based on product and distance

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We run a Greenhouse business, and shipping with a courier is prohibitively expensive, thus we are going to be offering local delivery. 


We want to be able to set rates based on product type and distance (ie. if a customer orders a load of a bulk product, it costs a different amount than if they order flowers). We will not be using an external courier. Furthermore, we will also offer in-store pickup if the customer wants to come and get it themselves. 


All of the apps I have found require Real-Time Carrier Rate to be enabled, however as far as I can tell we do not require this as we are not using an external carrier. We are going to be driving ourselves and want to set our own rates. Are there any solutions that do not require real-time carrier rate to be enabled? 

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The closest I've found is Store Pickup + Local Delivery. It works by adding an item to your cart with a certain weight to force the shipping rates into a certain range. Then you just create the rates inside shopify itself. Not sure how well it would work if you have really heavy items, however, it's a workaround. 

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Hi @flowergirl,


ShipperHQ has the flexibility you need to customize flat rates based on product groups and delivery distance, however it does require Real-Time Carrier Rate, so I know that's not exactly what you are looking for. However, if you wanted to take a look, here's a quick demo video showing how quickly you can get local delivery set up.


Hope you find a solution that works for you!