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We're using Stripe Connect to manage 3rd party payouts.

When someone purchases a product from our web site, we get X% and the balance (minus Stripe fees) goes to the 3rd party.

Due to a number of factors, we'd like to adjust the automatic split payout time period from immediate, to either 1) manual or 2) a designated date after the products are provided.

We're NOT looking for free guidance, we'd like to find someone that's a real Stripe Guru that can provide some for-hire guidance.

Please PM me here...or email me at stripeuserhelp on yahoo.


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Hi there!

I work at Stripe and wanted to help answer your question. If you want to be able to control the timing of when you send payouts to your users, you can use our payouts API.

With it, the funds from payments you receive will accumulate in your Stripe account and be able to pay out to either yourself or third-party users on a 7-day rolling basis. Please keep in mind that you will no longer receive automatic transfers from Stripe. More information here: https://stripe.com/docs/tutorials/sending-transfers.

If you have any other questions that I can answer, you can reach me directly at michael.schade@stripe.com. I'll do everything I can to help.

Michael Schade
Support @ Stripe

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This is an old post - nevertheless - if you're still interested - I have recently developed a similar system for a client - it has two parts:


- A Payment gateway to accept payments through Stripe Connect;
- A system to help and distribute part of the values involved in an order - with different connected "Stripe connect" accounts;

Both were made to help my client to comply with this https://stripe.com/ie/connect/eu-guide

If you're interested in a similar solution - please let me know here and/or book a call with me at: https://calendly.com/joao-dkh