Looking for solution to specific sku fulfillment+dropships at separate company shopify

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I'm trying to sort out a system where specific products are pushed to another company where they do the printing/shipping/fulfillment.

Here's an example:

Customer places an order through our Shopify for 2 t-shirts.
One shirt product has our company as the vendor - we pick/pack and ship this shirt from our warehouse.
One shirt product has the other fulfilment company as the vendor - this will be pick/packed and shipped from the other company.

I'd like for any of our orders that contain products with the other company set as the vendor, to be pushed to them. Then when they ship and fulfill the products (with them as the vendor), the shopify order in OUR system also receives the fulfilment update and the tracking # for the shipment. FYI This other company also uses Shopify for their business which might help facilitate the connection between ours and theirs.


We have this process with one of our suppliers already, but they are using their own first-party Shopify app on their end to accomplish it specifically with them (LA Sublimation). I would just like the same process to be happening for other products in our system that are to be fulfilled by a different company.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.