Lost Chargeback from 3D Secure Order, With Full Evidence Signed For By Customer

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I'm disgusted with Shopify!


We recently received a chargeback for £1,747.25 for an order that was 3D Secure, and signed for (with proof) by the customer.


We shipped the item to the address the customer checked out with.


We also provided proof of customer identification (their passport) and we provided proof of shipping (UPS Label & Tracking) as well as the customers signature.


But we somehow lost the dispute "The customer’s bank reviewed the chargeback response and has sided with them."


Shopify told me there is nothing they can do about it and we need to take it up directly with the bank. They then proceed to tell me they are unable to tell me who the customers bank is! So how exactly am i supposed to take it up with the bank? They are now advising nothing can be done at all, and we are welcome to contact their legal team.


We are considering legal action against Shopify now.


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