Lost the most blatant and obvious chargeback attempt scam ever today.

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This is, perhaps, the biggest joke ever.

Sold this kid a graphics card not too long ago, it arrives according to tracking and he emails me saying it didn't arrive. I obviously treat it pretty seriously so i go back and forth and contact UPS about whether or not it arrived. UPS sends me a confirmed receipt showing that UPS called the customer and the customer confirmed it arrived. After this, I knew it was an obvious scam attempt and didn't respond to the scammer's emails. He opened a chargeback dispute and I thought it would be a rather easy and quick resolution for the bank. I simply told them what happened and showed them the receipt by UPS which showed that the customer himself confirmed the arrival of the item. I mean, I have literal proof from UPS that the customer himself confirmed it arrived, disproving any attempted chargeback for nonarrival. 

Is there nothing else I can do? It was a very high price item, and I cannot just "eat" the loss. I would be astounded if there is no further pathway through shopify or stripe to continue this dispute. This is so obviously a scam that it's laughable. Other than the fact I lost hundreds, it is laughable. 

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I'm sorry, that is so frustrating. This is what we call "friendly fraud" in the industry. This means that you provided the good, but the customer still fraudulent files a chargeback against you.

In most cases it's just the customer not remembering or realizing they've signed up for a good or service. In your case it's the more nefarious type.

Unfortunately the ship has sailed in this particular case, you provided the information you had. 

Going forward, the more evidence to show intent of purchase the higher chance and footing you have to fight a chargeback.

That way even if the customer fraudulent files a chargeback, you have additional information that shows they truly intended to make a purchase from you.

For high end goods with high chargeback risk, you can require ID verification to accompany the order. This will supplement your evidence in the case of a chargeback, and my app Real ID will allow you to send these ID verification checks automatically on high dollar orders.

You can download it here - https://apps.shopify.com/real-id

The first 10 checks are totally free, and I'm happy to answer any questions about it or preventing fraud on your store. 

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