Making extra labels using Shopify-included shipping service?

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I'm using the shipping service included with my tier of Shopify. Occasionally I need to make extra labels, but Shopify seems to only allow one label per order. Sometimes I need to make a return label for the customer to return an item. Today, I need to re-ship for an item lost in the mail. Is there a way to make an extra label within the shopify admin? If not, can that be added?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Jeff! 

Dave here from  the Guru Team :) 

The best way to get a new label printed is to create a draft order - especially if re-shipping items this can help keep your inventory in check. You can then override the price of that order with a discount so as not to be adding a monetary value to the order. This way you can get an accurate shipping label for the products being shipped. 

I hope this helps! 

All the Best, 
Dave | Shopify

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Thanks so much, Dave, for your answer!

This absolutely worked for me. One clarification I want to make: if you "mark as paid", then the draft order becomes a real order. THEN the label becomes available to print.

Thanks again! Worked exactly as I wanted it to.