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We're a high end yarn shop and digital learning platform.  We're offering our products as individual items (yarn, needles, patterns) and as kits (all bundled together). Right now when someone buys a kit we pull the relevant items from our individual inventory & manually decrease the stock on those items.  However as the shop grows I think this method will cause problems.  Does anyone know of a plugin to manage inventory in this way?  So when a customer purchases Product A it deducts items from Products B, C, & D?

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Hey Alison! 

Dave here from  the Guru Team :) 

There's a fantastic app that does exactly this that you may find useful! It's definitely worth checking out Product Bundles by Bold or Product Kits by Spice Gems to tie your products together into sets as well as reducing your workload with the orders, inventory :)

I hope this helps! 

All the Best, 
Dave | Shopify

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Hi Allison,

I can also suggest our App: Products Assistant. We have a sync task that is perfect for managing inventory levels for bundled products.

Thanks, Gavin.
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Product kits work great for us. Simple to use. Kind of hard to understand how to setup but once it's setup it's simple and syncs the inventory flawlessly. 

- Charlie
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May I ask, what do you use now?

Both apps mentioned above doesn't exist anymore.

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Good question!

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Hey Guys


We have a similar issue and are curious if you found a solution.  The shopify apps (one no longer exists & the other was a buy something get something discounted) didn't answer the question.  We make soap and other goodies.  We will take 5 items and put it into a box and sell it.  Our shopify inventory system does not allocate the consumption of these 5 items and reduce the inventory.  It all has to be done manually and wow does it suck!





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@OSSC the appless way is to actually add those items to the order and modify your theme and notifications to present them as a set of items that go together.

This way when an order is created inventory is a non-issue per item.

Merchants that want to go this route can contact me for the customization at 


For apps while I have no specific recommendations as each situation is unique you want to look for "inventory sync" 'variant bundles' and similar mixed search terms to find an app that works for your business setup.

There's scripting apps like, arigato, script ninja that let you automate business logic like this with code , they even have a starter script: 

There's also using "nocode" services like integromat, zapier to update your inventory

If your already using a service like airtable, I suspect the airpower app might be able to be to do this as well? (@danielpretorius confirm?)  


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