Manual ordering / arranging of shipping options

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I'm reaching out to try and get a decent answer to a very simple question:

Why on earth can we not order the shipping rates in order of our own choosing?

We have an online store and 3 physical shops and offer 'Pick Up In-Store' as an option for customers ordering online. The problem is that this option always comes up as the default option as the value is £0. This is causing endless amount of hassle for us. Each order that is placed like this means that we have to:

  1. Contact the customer to let them know that they chose the wrong option, which is embarrassing and unprofessional
  2. Send them a separate PayPal request in order for them to pay the delivery fee, this often leads to confusion for the customer and delays in shipping for them as we can't send until they have paid.
  3. We have to contact our fulfilment company to make them aware that an order they thought was for in-store pickup is actually for delivery and they should process as normal. 

As yo can see, this very simple feature has negative consequences for us and we fear growing our online sales due to the amount of extra admin work it will generate. Come on Shopify, this has been ongoing for years now, you have a great platform, and a reworked v2 platform and you've had some heavy investment - don't forget the little features that make a real difference to small businesses in your quest for market share. We chose and invested heavily in your platform and we expect the basics to be in place.

Many online shops have physical brick and mortar locations as well and need to integrate the 2 channels seamlessly. We're finding ourselves having to patch together makeshift solutions to achieve things like ordering online and picking up in store. The checkout process is letting down the whole platform, it seems like this has been ignored completely during the transition to shopify 2. We're having to patch images into CSS for checkout and using translation settings to change field names just to make customers aware of what they should tick and pick for various options. What good is have a nice store with slick features if customers are abandoning trying to muddle through an archaic checkout process? Magento has a slick one page checkout process, why can't this be done for shopify?

Apologies for the rant, but we've been patient for a long time now. Quite depressing to search forums and see people complaining about the same issue going back years! As you're aware, it's difficult to move platforms when you've invested a lot of time and money getting the shop as you want it but when you can't see your online business scale up to the level you would like because of the amount of admin work and problems it will cause then the store owner has a real problem.

I look forward to your response, and please have a little more respect than to fob me off with 'it's in the pipeline' or 'we've added it to the list' or any other generic response. If it's a no then at least explain why it's not possible.

Thank you.


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We have the exact same issue with shipping options.  It is maddening!!!  I hope someone sees this and helps us figure it out.

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How funny, ive just started a new topic with the exact same problem called Customer shipping confusion - help. Seems to be a common issue which makes this rather worrying.

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We're having the exact same issue. It's beginning to become a big problem with us.

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Maybe I'm missing something here but this seems like a simple simple simple fix. I don't think that there is any other small fix that will make such a huge difference. Come on shopify, treat us for Christmas and let us tick off one thing on our list of annoyances!

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Exact same problem here - Shipping defaulting to the cheapest option (free pickup from our physical store) keeps causing us problems too.

Either being able to choose the priority order for default shipping rate OR having a default option that must be changed to an actual shipping option (ie: "please choose shipping method") before the form will submit would be a big time saver.

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Same problem here!

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1 vote for this feature. It is really necessary because I need to help my customer decide shipping methods quickly. 

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We are just finishing building our Shopify store and just encountered this issue.. It's a disaster. Frankly I'm not sure we would have chosen Shopify.

We have the exact same issue as the OP. We need to offer free local pick-up and a $4.99 flat rate shipping, but it's very important that the paid shipping method come first. It looks small time and unprofessional to have the local pick-up first and I have no doubt that we'll end up with major customer confusion and hassle. I think we'll just stop offering local pick-up, but this will undoubtedly lose us business. It's worse and worser. 

This was an issue back in '08 and Shopify said they'd make a move to at least improve the situation with a "Please Select Shipping Method" default when more than one shipping method is enabled.

There's the old thread:



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