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So most of our Wholesale customers select a custom payment option called "Invoice Payment", where we send them a Quickbooks invoice for them to pay by check or through Quickbooks payment processing.

When we mark the order Fulfilled and want to close outt he order, our only option is to Mark it Paid. This is confusing to our customers that are looking for an invoice or need to go back over several months to pay invoices. They've commented to me that the website shows this order as Paid.

Is there a way to have a custom button that says "Sent to Invoicing", or should we leave it marked as Payment Pending? I would be a lot of work to go back and mark all these as Paid once we actually receive the payment.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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Hey Brandon,

Well, strictly speaking, payment is still pending, right? What would you want to happen after you mark something "sent to invoicing"? Does the Quickbooks integration sync payments back to Shopify?

Have you looked into any of the invoicing apps? Sufio looks like the most / best reviewed in the app store. If you're tied to Quickbooks invoicing, it might not work for you, but perhaps would be good to look at as an alternative.

These are the only "official" payment stati for an order in the Shopify technical documentation, so I don't think there's a way to do  specifiically what you mention in this email, but please tell us more about how you would want things to work, and perhaps someone will have an idea.

"financial_status": "authorized"

The status of payments associated with the order. Can only be set when the order is created. Valid values:

  • pending: The payments are pending. Payment might fail in this state. Check again to confirm whether the payments have been paid successfully.
  • authorized: The payments have been authorized.
  • partially_paid: The order have been partially paid.
  • paid: The payments have been paid.
  • partially_refunded: The payments have been partially refunded.
  • refunded: The payments have been refunded.
  • voided: The payments have been voided.
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