Massive order scam

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Hello guys,


I have been going through the forum trying to find a similar post but I didn't find it. If it actually exists I apologize and I would appreciate if somebody can redirect me there. Thanks!


And now my question. I was trying to edit the liquid code from the product page and I have accidentally realise that people can process orders of thousands of $ in my store. When I have seen this a red flag came to my mind.

What if somebody makes a, let's say 10,000$ order in my store. Of course, I will never fulfill this order, I will ask for proof, I will personally contact the customer, etc. 

But if the payment has been processed, what happens next? Most likely I won't accept the payment, but my question is, will I get charged the transaction fee from Shopify (I am using PayPal payments as my only payment method as my store is based in Europe). Does anybody know what is the procedure from PayPal if they receive a payment like this? How can I avoid this to happen from the Shopify platform? Anybody familiar with the PayPal steps in this kind of situation could give me any tip?


Thank you in advance. Luckily, this is not the case. But I want to make sure