Missing microphone permission for Shopify on Android to use Swipe card reader

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Why is the microphone permission missing from the Shopify app on Android 9? How can I enable it so the card reader will be detected?



Supporting Facts:

  • I purchased 2 Swipe (Audio Jack) card readers from Shopify's Hardware Store
    • Both refuse to be detected on 2 separate Androids (same model, different devices)
  • Shopify Payments is turned on for my store
  • I'm in Canada where the device is supported
  • My Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra runs Android 9.0 (Build 50.2.A.3.22), which is greater than the required 5.0
  • The Shopify app is up-to-date (v8.58.0)
  • All volumes (Media, Call, Ring, Alarm) are set to maximum, both with and without the device plugged into the audio jack
    • The phone is set to ring, not silent or vibrate 
    • The phone detects when the device is plugged in because it toggles between plugged in and not plugged in profiles for volumes
  • Headphone and microphone functionality works as expected for voice calls when a cellphone earbud is plugged into the same audio jack
    • The person on the other end of the call can hear me through the microphone
  • All other apps I spot-checked have the Microphone option under Apps > Permissions
  • Yes, I rebooted the phone
  • Yes, I reinstalled the app
  • Yes, I also "tried turning it off and back on"
  • Yes, I even tried prayer to various deities, crossing my fingers for good luck, and making a wish

I can provide screenshots or video for above supporting facts if required to confirm my statements.


Additional supporting facts:

  • I tried with Bluetooth disabled in case it was conflicting with the paired car
    • The car was turned off so this shouldn't have been an issue in the first place
  • I tried with WiFi disabled in case it was conflicting with the Sonos on our home network while I was testing
    • The Sonos app was not running and the Sonos device was asleep anyway, so again should not have been an issue
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This is an accepted solution.

Solved: "Shopify POS" is the correct app for the swipe card readers. "Shopify" app does not support swipe card readers.


Additional notes:

  • "Shopify POS" supports credit cards, not debit cards
  • "Shopify POS" has a link within the app back to "Shopify"
  • "Shopify" has a link for "Point of Sale" under the "Store" tab
    • It goes to a section for ordering POS hardware and integrating with POS apps
    • It does not cross-link to the "Shopify POS" app
  • "Shopify" app > Orders > Draft Orders > Payment section does not have an option to pay by credit card
    • Shopify desktop > Orders > Draft Orders > Accept Payment has an option to "Pay with Credit Card", which requires manual input
    • It is not possible to use the "Shopify" app to swipe a card for a specific draft order
    • "Shopify POS" app > Orders does not have options to view draft orders
    • It is not possible to use the "Shopify POS" app to swipe a card for a specific draft order
    • Instead the workflow appears to be to manually create a quick sale order for the amount of a draft order (factoring in taxes) and manually mark the draft as paid. The connection between the card payment and the draft order is completely lost, and has to be cobbled together with notes.