Multi Currency Checkout issue

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Ok cool, yes please let me know how you go. 



I did setup Bold multi currency and Bold Payment on my website, and here is what I found to be the pros and cons of Bold Cashier and Bold multi-currrency: 

Bold Pros:

> Multi-currency selection is really nice, looks professional and can be IP based, with option for user to manually change.

> Currency conversion can be fine tuned in settings

> Checkout cart fully configurable and multi language

> Good support team: I had issues with funny conversion issues and tech team helped fix it at no cost and quickly

> Implementation pretty easy, no coding needed. There is a few copy paste to do though, so you have to focus and do it right, but very well documented and easy to install

Bold Cons:

> Abandonned cart and other checkout statistics can not be seen in shopify analytics tool, but having to go to Bold apps to see it. This is probably biggest issue for me.

> Checkout layout redirects to a bold address, which I am sure is an issue for SEO. Maybe an issue on my side, not sure if other Bold checkout users have the same issue. Still investigating this one

> Page sometimes seems to be slower to load at  times


So overall : if Shopify had an integrated solution I would go for it, but in the meantime this is a decent alternative. I did not try the new shopify multi currency usage yet. Any feedback welcome. I am using the theme "Brooklyn" for my website.


Note1: BTW in case you wonder what sacamain means: It is actually the french word for Handbag (Sac a Main)

Note 2: Mike, are you using Bold as well to convert to USD?


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Hi there!


If you want to allow your customers checking out with multiple currencies, it's better to consider run multiple e-commere to serve different domains. For example, for UK market, for US market, and redirect your visitors. In this way, you can not only provide multiple currencies for checking out, but also control price, shipping costs differently among the markets. It won't hurt your SEO as long as you add hreflang tags to your website. For more details on SEO and webpage redirect, you might find this article helpful:


On the front end, you could consider Geo Targetly solutions. Particularly, its Geo Redirect tool can detect your website's visitors' locations(by country/state/city) and auto direct them to relevant stores based on their IPs. It is easy to set up redirecting rules within only a few steps. No code is necessary. The service will further generate Javascript code for you to add to your website. Shopify platform is perfectly supported.


Hope it helps. Please feel free to reach out if have any questions.