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Hi there


We're building a new webshop in Switzerland and struggeling with the currency at the checkout.


Our preferred scenario:

  • Customers from Switzerland are automatically recognized and can pay for their purchases in Swiss francs. (works so far).
  • However, customers from Germany should be recognized as "Euro customers". The checkout should then be in euros. But at the moment, the price in euros is converted back into Swiss francs at checkout.

Is there really no solution here? Shopify Payments is not available for Swiss customers. And Bold Cashier App etc. is no longer traceable.


Is a Multi Store Shop the only solution?


Thanks for your feedback!


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Hi @Rokker ,

Hyde here from Shopify.

At present, it isn't really possible to have a check out in multiple currencies unless your payment gateway is Shopify Payments and, as you correctly pointed out, that offering isn't available in Switzerland at the moment.

You could always keep using a currency converter app and simply advise your visitors on the product page(s) or in the cart that the currency will revert at checkout.

To do so, you could change the text in the language editor (find out how here) at checkout to say something like "transactions are fulfilled in CHF" or similar.

By way of example, here's what I did on my own test store:

- I went to the language editor went to Cart and then the Shipping at Checkout Field:



Which looks like this on my own test store:




I know that's not ideal, but the only other alternative would be the multiple store option.

I hope this helps Michael, happy to answer any other questions you may have.

All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thank you very much for your feedback! No I have an official statemant :-) But what about Apps like Bold Cashier? They aren't allowed anymore? Thank you!

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Hi, App as Best Multi-Currency Converter 


Has the announcement bar that the purchase is always completed using the store currency, and only that currency will be displayed during the checkout process. So at least customers are informed. 

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I am in the design stage of my store, but it's almost ready, and I found a solution provided by ML Veda apps, they offer Foreign currency checkout despite restrictions from Shopify. It integrates with dependable payment gateways for international transactions namely Paypal and Stripe.


Here you can find the information and I hope the solution:


Have a great day!