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Is it possible for me to have a multi-currency checkout?

Shopify payments isn't available where I live.

I also can't install bold cashier because "Shopify is re-evaluating their agreement with third party checkouts, including Bold Cashier".


Are there any other ways to have a multi-currency checkout?

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Hi there! If Shopify payments is not available at your region, then you do need third party checkouts supporting multiple currencies.


 While third party checkout is not an option to Shopify as Shopify is re-evaluating their agreement, you may potentially consider running multiple sites serving different domains, Each domain allows a certain currency serving a specific market of yours. In this way, it gives you the best flexibility to provide different currencies, but also control differences of product lists, shipping costs, inventories etc. 


With multiple site setting, to prevent visitors getting lost among your sites, and increase consumer conversion rate, you may auto direct visitors based on their locations. For example, use Geo Targetly. If your visitor is in Australia, and he goes to, it will auto direct him to allowing AUD check out, With its Geo Redirect tool, you can easily set up redirecting rules and integrate the tool within a few steps. No code is necessary by yourself. The service will generate the Javascript code for you to add to your website. Shopify platform is perfectly supported.


Hope it helps!