Multi-Origin Shipping NIGHTMARE across locations.

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Hi there,

I am a Shopify developer, and running into really frustrating issues when it comes to how Shopify now calculates shipping across multiple locations.

I believe they refer to this as 'Multiple Origin' shipping.

Essentially, Shopify doubles shipping across multiple locations, and 'breaks' many shipping apps intended functionality.

So - if I want to charge a 'maximum' shipping charge for orders - and set filters up on a shipping app to establish a shipping rate that sets this charge, Shopify ignores it and charges it per-location.


Rate 1: If order contains products from Vendor 1, charge $5.
Rate 2: If order contains products from Vendor 2, charge $5
Rate 3. If order contains products from Vendor 1 AND Vendor 2, charge $5

For rate 3, Shopify will charge $10 by default, purely based on the fact each vendor is from a distinct Location.

This is really frustrating, and breaks the way many shipping apps are intended to be used in this context.

REALLY appreciate anyones thoughts here, and any advice on how to achieve what i'm looking for.

I would even settle for a hacky solution as this point ... just need to get it done.

Thanks for your time.

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Were you able to solve for this? We're experiencing the same, and had never experienced this issue prior to July 2020. Shopify support wasn't able to return an answer as to what may have changed.

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Yes. Presumably, if this changed for you, at some point Multi Origin Shipping was enabled on your store.

You can ask Shopify support to revert your store back to 'Single Origin' shipping. They'll do it for you. 

Note that it requires every product to be assigned to 1 sole 'Location', or Locations disabled I guess.




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We are having the same issue and are having a hard time even finding an app that will ignore locations or centralize inventory. Has anyone found a solution to this issue? Thanks

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Still searching on our end. I reached out to some apps and none of them say a workaround is feasible because of Shopify's logic. This was the most through response I've received.

"With severe regret, I must inform you that our app cannot overcome this Shopify issue, where Shopify will always add up rates for each fulfillment service/location instead of allowing one rate across the fulfillment services. The very nature of how Shopify has structured its rate requests to our app prevents this.

When there are multiple locations/fulfillment services in an order, Shopify does not send us one single request for rates for that entire order. Instead they split up the order into each location/fulfillment service, and send us multiple completely separate requests, as if they are separate orders. We return rates for each separate location/fulfillment service, and Shopify's blending logic of adding the rates together is implemented again using those rates we returned. There is no way around this with our, or any other app."

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We got the same messages from the App developers. Which is funny as these were the same apps that Shopify Plus support suggested as possible fixes. We are growing extremely frustrated hearing "we will share this feature request with our development team." Those answers typically fall on deaf ears. It's not complicated, give us the option to calculate rates from a single address.