Multi Origin Shipping - Shipping Profiles Not Working At Checkout

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We are faced with an issue relating to 3 different shipping profiles, which we hope to resolve with your help.


Our store features 3 different product types (Print On Demand products). Each product type is fulfilled by a different vendor, and therefore needs a different shipping profile.


We have 3 shipping profiles set up in our store settings, as follows:


- One shipping profile: flat rates; and

- 2 weight based shipping profiles


Each shipping profile has 3 shipping zones (USA, CA and Rest Of The World).


We have assigned the different products types to their respective shipping profiles.


The problem we're faced with is that only 1 shipping profile is working (the flat rate profile).


When trying to check out with a product in cart that is assigned to one of the other 2 shipping profiles, either individually or in combination with a product of the shipping profile that is working properly (flate rate profile), an error notification is displayed on the check out page:  'There are no shipping methods available for your cart or address'


Could someone help us find the cause of this issue?


Any input would be appreciated.


Many thanks.





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Hi Maxine,

I am actually dealing with a similar problem. I have 2 different shipping profiles for two different types of products. One is offered with free shipping and the second are two flat rates depending on if you are shipping to a commercial or residential address. When the two items are purchased together only one rate option appears, rather than a selection for residential address or commercial address shipping.

I was hopping you may have found a solution to this problem.