Multi Origin Shipping Solution Needed- Double charging shipping

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HI ! Hoping eventually to find a solution but here is our issue.


We currently have 1 main store that houses our main inventory and 1 of our 2 retail stores, we also have another location across town that houses a smaller amount of our inventory as well as our second retail store. We currently only ship out of our 1 main location because we were having terrible shipping issues but ideally would like to turn shipping back on there to capitalize on their inventory. 

We originally had multi origin shipping turned on so that we could use both inventories to fulfill our online orders, however we drive to our other locations to physically pick up the merchandise and ship form 1 location so that we don't have to buy 2 shipping labels and charge our customers twice. In an ideal world we would keep doing this except half the time our customers end up abandoning their carts because shipping at times was over $20. 

Is there a way to turn multi origin shipping back on but still only charge 1 shipping rate?

We have though about sending an email to our customers letting them know if they receive a double charge for shipping that we will refund a portion of their shipping, however this was not ideal for a lot of our customers who were already tight on cash who may not have had the extra shipping money to place an order to begin with. 

Another issue with having the 1 location turned off is when someone buys something from our online store and we don't have it at our main store, it pulls out of our secondary location (which is fine) except it messes our inventory numbers up. It subtracts -1 from our secondary store and then adds it into our stock at our main location, but the problem is that its adding it to our inventory to sell not as sold item so then it looks like we have 1 more than we actually do which creates a nightmare when you have 1,000 order coming in a day and have to manually adjust the inventory for each item ordered. 

Shopify please help us! There are so many of us who are struggling with this and it needs to be fixed! 

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I need this function too. Shopify please update this as I can't find any app could do this.