Multiple Locations sharing inventory

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We operate as follows:


Location 1 – brick and mortar retail unit offering instore, local delivery, pick up and shipping.

Location 2 – storage unit closeby.


Our retail location is relatively small as such we are unable to carry much additional stock. We are having problems if someone orders for local delivery/pick up and the required stock to fulfil their order is split between the two locations. In this situation, the customer is only shown the option for shipping and not all three (shipping, collection, local delivery).


Our question is, how do we make all our stock (in location 1 and 2) available for customers to order for collection or local delivery from Location 1.


If the order is for shipping then it all works as we wish – fulfilment is split between the two locations with the customer only paying one shipping fee.


Hopefully, that makes some sense and we look forward to your valued response.


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Following - we are trying to offering pickup at more than one location, but only keep inventory in one. We're looking for a workaround that allows us to share inventory between both locations so that a customer can select local pickup for any item at the 2nd location (which is just another merchant's business in a town 60 miles away, where they have kindly offered to serve as a local pickup site for us during COVID so residents of that town don't have to visit our hot spot of a city).