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Hi there,

We process a lot of phone orders and are using the order builder in the admin console to do so. However, a huge difficulty for us is customers who want to use a gift card (or multiple payment methods, like a Visa gift card and their regular credit card) to place their order. Only the POS app seems to suppor this... but that app is very limited in what you can do with shipping. 

Has anybody found a solution for accepting gift cards or multiple digital payment methods through the admin console?




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Hi Dan,

At the moment, there isn't a way to accept Visa gift cards, however you can allow customers to purchase gift cards on your site. When they purchase a Shopify gift card from your store, they get sent a unique code, that they can enter at the checkout when purchasing online. If you are taking phone orders, you could also add this in for them at the checkout page.

This is our document on gift cards, which will explain it in more detail for you.

Hope that helps!


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Dan,

Britton here with the Shopify support team.

Just to build off of what Shauna said there, it is definitely possible for you to visit your website as a customer and push through and order there using gift card information on behalf of a customer. However, at the present time there is not a way to enter a gift card on the order creation feature. You can add in discount amounts manually, but if you need to use a gift card it would have to be done as Shauna said.

I'll definitely put through a feature request for you though! Both on mulitple payment methods and for gift cards in order creation.


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Are gift card (visa, mastercard and american express) allowed in the shopify payment methods? i have a client that keeps getting and error and declined message every time she has tried to purchase (she has a visa gift card) . 

Thanks in advance 

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Also interested in this - can customers purchase with a Visa Gift Card, are there any issues with this?