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We have a scenario where we'd like shipping estimates/calculations to be able to use a collection of pre-defined postcodes to determine the shortest distance between the local shop and the customer.


For example, the user whould typing in their postcode for shipping calculation. Instead of using the single Shopify Store Origin information, it would look up against a list or table or stores, and determine the closest to the users provided postcode. It could then use this for calculation.


We're wanting to use Australia Post, but we're not sure if a plugin for something like this already exists. Would we have to make our own?

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Hi there!

My name is Anne, on the Guru team. Thanks so much for posting!

It is possible to create unique rules for shipping using apps.

Here are a few that might be useful for you to check out:

You can contact these app developers from the app store directly to confirm they have what you need :)

I hope this helps!

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Answering for the benefit of others with similar requirement.


The Multi Carrier Shipping Label app can help you with this.

You can create a shipping zone which will include all the pre-defined postcodes. Now, you can assign the required Australia Post services for this shipping zone, so that, when a customer enters a post code from the pre-defined list, the app shows those services which are assigned for that postcode.


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