Multiple Shipping Payments?

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Hey guys!

I am looking for some assistance with shipping!

I have a dress rental website and currently when a customer rents a dress they have 2 options for shipping (standard and express)

My concern is when someone orders 2 or more outfits for different dates there is no rule that forces them to pay for multiple sets of shipping, this means we as a small business loose money.

Ideally for every item there should be 1 shipping method applied and for 2 items they have to pay for shipping twice and so on

We are a small start up and don't have money for apps so if someone knows how to hard code this or has any other suggestions please let me know!

Thanks G 

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Hello @georgiabbm 

Are you charging the customer based on carrier-calculated rates, or do you have your Standard & Express rates as flat rates? If you could at all possibly share a screenshot of your current shipping setup it would be very helpful in trying to offer suggestions.