Multiple Shipping Rules

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Besides using an app (we are aware of an app that would work), is anyone aware if the following can be done with coding?


We require a custom set of rules for our FREE SHIPPING. The rules are the following:

If the following is ALL TRUE:
Province is Ontario or Quebec
Subtotal is $200 +
Weight is less than 10 lbs

We noticed Shopify allows for the provinces and only ONE other rule. We need to have all three work in unison. Is there a code we can add to provide these set of rules all together?


We currently can have the rules set to just Ontario and Quebec with only ONE of our restrictions. We need them to both work in unison where the cart must have a minimum order of $200 Canadian dollars as the subtotal AND it must weigh less than 10 lbs.. If this is not true, the free shipping will not show up. If we turn on both in the current state, they override one another.