Multiple Shipping Speeds and Different Shipping Locations

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Hi everyone, relatively new beginner to Shopify and figuring out everything as I go; so far i haven't been able to figure out a solution for this problem.

I currently have a blend of third party and in house fulfillment. Some of my vendors make my item custom as an order comes in, so I need to separate the shipping rates and speeds for those items. I see how I can do multiple shipping rates in the separate profiles, but when I have one of the special order items in the cart, it locks out the option for the customer to change the shipping speed on the main items that will ship immediately from my main warehouse. I tried setting the custom order item so it ships from a different stocking "location" so it doesn't show in the same shipment.  I'd like to have it similar to Amazon so it shows the multiple options for shipping speed based on the items that are in the cart.

As you can see in the screenshot, these two items are shipping from different locations and are fulfilled separately. I'm trying to find a way to make my store do that as well so someone can choose expedited shipping for their order that ships directly from me and it will show a standard speed shipping for the item that has to be custom made and shipped later. Right now it just combines the two together and forces the customer to use the standard speed shipping.

Under the current coding, it also double charges for the shipping. I have free shipping on my store for any order over $49 and $5 shipping flat rate for anything under that amount. If I put a custom order item in the cart and another normal item in the cart, and if it's less than $49, then it charges $5 for the normal item and then also charges $5 for the special order item. Even though they are shipping separately, the shipping total should still only be $5.

Any recommendations on how to set up the shipping profiles to make this work?


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Hey @JNYC,

It sounds like you've hit the limit of what Shopify shipping profiles can do and require a third-party shipping app. You can configure most of what you're looking to do in Intuitive Shipping, though no third-party shipping apps can offer more than one shipping option at checkout (this is commonly referred to as 'Amazon-style shipping'. This is because of how Shopify provides their payload (the information we get that we perform calculations with). 

What you can do is create Scenarios that occur when there is an item that ships immediately and then an item that takes a bit longer to ship and created a custom description that displays noting that "X product is special order and will ship in X days", so at least this way your customers are informed (we find that communication is key, especially at checkout) 

I do encourage you to book a call with our team and give them a full overview of your shipping requirements - they'd be happy to give an app tour and let you know the best way to configure the app. We offer a free 14-day live trial so you can take it for a test drive for free. 


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