Multiple Shipping profiles + multiple shipping rates = doesn't give options, defaults to cheapest

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I created a couple of shipping profiles, one for certain smaller products and one for a couple of much larger products. Initially everything works as expected, if a shopping cart mixed products in band1 and band2, and it adds the shipping costs together when checking out. If band1 is $5 and band2 is $10, the shipping will come out as $15.


It all goes wrong though if you have two different rate options in a shipping profile. If it's a mix of products from both profiles, it does not prompt for a choice of rate and just defaults to the cheapest one?


In fact it only ever offers you a choice of 'rate' if the cart ONLY contains products in one of the shipping profiles.

Is this just the way Shopify is? I don't get the point of having different rate options if it only lets you use them / choose them in a very limited set of circumstances (ie, you have only one shipping profile on your store, OR a customers cart only has products in one shipping profile).


Can anyone shed any light?

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I have the same problem.

For 2 products in particular, we need to send them by courier, so it is a lot more expensive.

But, for all other products we offer free delivery when the cost is over €50. 

If you only order one of the products: everything is fine - you see the correct fee. But if you combine the 2 profiles - it takes the cheapest fee, which is €0.


2nd question: can you add a product to more than one warehouse? How?