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Hello Shopify community,

I have come here seeking answers on whether or not it is possible to set up a free delivery option that has two conditions as opposed to the currently one or other option (weight or price threshold). We are looking to have free delivery over $30 but under 5kg otherwise a $2 weight charge needs to be put on to cover the extra shipping expense. 

Does anyone know of a way to code this or a decently priced app that has this function?

Any and all help would be most appreciated!

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Hey Christian,

You can do this with our advanced shipping calculation app, Intuitive Shipping.

I recommend reviewing your order history and seeing if you have enough instances of the orders being over $30 and over 5kg to warrant the extra cost for an app.If it's only an order here and there, then you're likely better off eating the $2 cost until it becomes more common. 

Another cost saving benefit to Intuitive Shipping is that it’s great for maintaining your margins on international shipping. For your international orders, you can use our 4D boxing algorithm to calculate accurate shipping rates for your international orders (if you ship internationally, of course!).

Keep in mind that with all third-party shipping calculation apps, you will need the Shopify Carrier Calculated Rates feature if you are on the Basic or Shopify plan. It's $20/month a-la-carte or you can get it for free if you switch to annual billing and save 10% on your Shopify subscription. 

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