Multiple currency bank payout options? Help.

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I have a store that sells to the US and Canada. Naturally, we have business bank accounts in each currency.

The problem we are facing is that Shopify payments do not allow more than one payout account. We want to be able to put US dollar transactions into the US account and CAD transactions into the Canadian account.

So we are looking for third-party payment merchants that would allow us to send funds to the correct account.

For example - our Stripe account is set up to allow this, however, Shopify does not allow third-party integrations into Stripe where Shopify payments are available.

PayPal would also allow this, however, we cannot use PayPal.

Are there any other merchants out there using a third-party payment tool that will allow this?

I am aware another workaround would be to have 2 stores but for internal inventory and tracking purposes that is currently off the table.