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 With Shopify being a Canadian Company, I'm really shocked that Multiple Currency Checkout in native currency is still not available.  A lot of Canadian eCommerce merchants have both Canadian and US Dollar merchant accounts, and it's really annoying having to set up two Shopify store's, one for Canadian Customers and one for American customers.

When you finally get around to implementing Multi-Currency Checkout, I would like to see the following features.

  • Exchange Rate Percentage Offset - This allows us to skim a little extra profit to cover currency conversion, bank charges, Disney vacations and other costs of dealing with non-native currencies.
  • Price round off to nearest nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar and dollar, at various adjustable price points. Selling something for $67.13 does look rather strange.


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This has been an issue for years and there are numerous posts without Shopify ever putting any real effort into this. I started of having two different shops for international and domestic customers. We decided to combine both and use currency switcher apps which helps the customers, however checkout will always be in one currency. I think MLVEDA does a good job with his apps and I've seen the checkout process today the first time via a link above. However I prefer to run my customers through the proper checkout in order to not scare anybody off.

This ongoing problem with Shopify not supporting multiple checkouts is really frustrating and to be honest I am also considering moving to woocommerce or similiar.

Can't really be that hard Shopify?

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Problem solved. Moved to Woocommerce.

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For what it's worth. I received below reply from Bold Commerce. I just send them a follow-up question asking if our users would stay on our domain during check-out ( contrary to the mlveda solution ) 

Hey Herman,

xxxxx with Bold here, thanks for reaching out!

Our app called Bold Cashier supports multiple currency checkout, and yes it is available outside of the United States and Canada.

You can download and learn more about Cashier here.

Pricing starts at 1% of your processed sales, scaling down as your business grows.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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I looked at BOLD Casier and it does not work in Indonesia, there are no payment gateways compatible with both Cashier and Shopify available in Indonesia. 

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I am an Australian based shopify store owner.

I am about a week away from moving to another ecommerce platform due to local currency checkout being unavailable.

I am very frustrated with Shopify support- I have many tickets logged relating to this over the past year. Each time I phone up I brief the support on the problem this is how the call goes down:

  1. their first suggestion is ALWAYS to install a mutli-currency app. I then have to explain to them that I already have one and none of these apps convert currency at checkout point to local currency. 
  2. The next suggestion is to add a note on the cart page about the currency issue - which I already have nd doesn’t resolve the problem
  3. The third suggestion is to run multiple stores, paying multiple subscriptions and administering them individually (this would be 5 stores for me). NO
  4. The forth suggestion (only advised this once) was to install Bold Multi Currency. I had my suspicions that it didn't have local currency functionality but Shopify Support was adamant it did. It involved some coding and removing old apps. Of course, it didn't do as advised by Shopify and I had to revert all changes wasting hours of work.It is actually Bold Cashier that offers this functionality. This app replaces the Shopify checkout and does offer native currency checkout, however it is not compatible if you offer post-payment services like AfterPay, LayBuy, ZipPay etc. - so that ruled that out for me.
  5. The fifth suggestion (only advised this once) is to move from Shopify Payments to a Third Party Payment Gateway. I  have installed/ set up Stripe, now to find checkout still isn't converting. Possibly there is some more configuration to be done for this functionality, but lord knows I won't be able to get a straight answer from Shopify on what exactly this is. I will now be paying an additional 2% fee on top of the card processing fees.

My frustrations are also not helped by the fact that:

1. Shopify give ambiguous answers on when they will provide this functionality - I can see Shopify Support in forums from many years ago providing the same answer they still are today "that they understand the need for it, and will hopefully be able to offer it in the near future". This is not good enough! To me this indicates it is still likely years away, as if they were seriously working on it, they would be able to say they are rolling it out mid 2018, late 2018, some ballpark date at least.


2. Every time I call support for help on this I wind up on the phone with a "generalist" who has high level knowledge of everything and no deep understanding in the area of checkout enabling them to advise me accurately on what to do (no dis-respect to Shopify Support, I know they are trying their best and it is not their fault Shopify seem to funnel all calls onto a generalist switchboard)


What I also find extremely bizarre is the Shopify Payments are powered by Stripe, who do offer native currency checkout, so why isn’t Shopify Payments offering this feature…?? My only guess is that the work around Shopify has in place (i.e. multiple stores and additional transaction fees) generate too much revenue to offer it.


Unless anyone can suggest a working solution over the next week, I will be forced to move to another ecommerce platform, as incredibly annoying as it is.  Please let me know if you can recommend anything!


Thank you


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Hello Bry,

It is very generous of you to share your experience and frustrations in such details. Moving away from Shopify is a good decision. Do not expect that they will come up with a usable solution for multicurrency check out soon. They have been saying that for years, as you have found out.

We have moved to a self hosted solution since last time I posted here. It is a bit of learning but really worth it. More so if you are there to operate your shop for the long term. We have a very beautiful, unique and functional shop now.

BTW, if you know what SEO is and what it can do to your business, Shopify sucks. Move to a globally popular platform with hundreds, if not thousands, of free and paid plugins available to design the functionalities of your shop is the way to go.

Anyway, just wanna say a good move and wishing you good business

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Hi Flyhead!

Thank you for your response. Your posts in feeds past were of interest to me, so I am very happy to hear from you as someone who has first hand experience in moving platforms, as the move is a massively daunting task and one I truly wanted to avoid. 

I don't know if you feel comfortable sharing what platform you moved to? If you would prefer not to on this thread, and it isn't too much trouble, could you possibly email me at ?

Many thanks - your input is extremely valuable to me, and I am sure the many other Shopify store owners facing this same problem.

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Hey Bry, 

We actually have an app that does exactly what you want to do! it converts and BILLS in as many different currencies as you like!

It can auto-sync real-time with all the currencies, or set the rates yourself. Auto-detect where your customers are and show the right currency, or let them choose from a drop-down. 

And the best of all is you can choose to just show the currency conversion, or actually charge in that currency in the checkout too! 

It requires a checkout upgrade, but there are actually a lot of other benefits as well. 

If you have any questions, happy to help!

Co-Founder of Bold Commerce, and eCommerce store owner since 1998!
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Hi Jay from Bold

Thanks for your reply.

My understanding of the Bold apps must be incorrect. I was under the impression that Bold Multi-Currency only coverted display currency, and did not provide local currency checkout...

I was advised that it is infact Bold Cahsier that offers local currency checkout, by the Bold team.

I don't want to go through the process of installing Bold Multi-Currency again only to discover that it doesn't provide this as, as mentioned above, I have already been through this wasitng hours of work installing then undoing it based on incorrect advice. Please could you confirm the functionality has changed since I last attempted this a week ago.

Secondly, I was advised by your team that post payment services like Afterpay, ZipPay. LayBuy are not compatiable with Bold Cashier. It has only been a matter of days since I was told this, and they didn't mention it was being worked on at the time, so I am surprised to hear it is now compaitable so soon after hearing it wasn't.

I look forward to hearing from you as my final attempt to fixe this - installing Mlveda Mcheckout, does not appear to be working as it described to, and I now have exhausted all multi-currnecy checkout options and started the process of building my site in, and migrating to Woocommerce. 

Look forward to hearing from you.