My Discount codes aren't working

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Hi Guys


Ive ran a huge campaign mailer and worked my butt off on social media to promote the discount code, along with giving models their own codes for their own followers, but I have had messages back from people on social media to say the discount codes arent working. 


Ive ran tests on my accounts and test accounts and they wont apply whatever I do. 


I ran a successful code last weekend that worked fine, but whatever option formula i choose back end (eg check out as guest or member, use once, or use lots) none of them work.


My settings are exactly the same as I had on my first discount that worked, and the second discount i ran for models who modelled for me.


Ive now deleted and re-input the info and started them again and it still doesnt work.


Same on phone as it is the Mac, and ive deleted cookies and history.


Any ideas? Ive built the site myself from the templates and wouldnt know where to look on the coding for anything like this, as I am not a web designer or developer.


Its just very bad marketing for my business when this isnt working, and Ive lost half potential sales as quite a few people have abandoned at check out.


Thanks guys if anyone can help





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Never fun to have a campaign halted by failing discount codes but if you're looking to get some help from the forum members more details is needed.

  • What are the conditions you've used to create the discount code?
  • Define "not work". What errors do you see, what happens, etc.
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